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Streamline was developed based on over 10 years of feedback from a wide range of businesses who

  • Struggled to keep on top of customer requests/orders/sales leads.
  • Lacked the visibility needed to plan resources effectively.
  • Couldn’t get real time accurate information to/from sales reps and field agents.
  • Couldn’t scale up or down with business needs.

Streamline let’s businesses achieve all of this and more!

SaaS – Software As A Service
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
BPO – Business Process Optimisation

Business Efficiency Software



End To End Encryption, Monitoring & Industry Best Practises

Easy To Use

Intuitive user interface with minimal design


Scale up and down quickly as your business needs


Get the help you need via web portal, phone or email

User Experience

Streamline is a web based cloud application that works with any modern computer, smart phone or tablet.

It is designed to give a fast, consistent, intuitive experience to users of all technical abilities.

See For Yourself!


Streamline has been designed to be flexible from the beginning and has been used by clients for many purposes such as

  • Sales Leads/Order Processing & Tracking
  • Service Delivery/Service Desk Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Mobile Workforce Tracking
  • Legal/Professional Services Management
  • & many more!

Engage Your Clients

With Streamline it’s easy to keep on top of your client requests and keep your clients up to date with your products.
It’s so effective that we offer a full 90 Day No Obligation Trial that is full featured and not a freemium trial.

Tried & Tested

Streamline has been tried and tested throughout it’s development by real clients