0818 811 811 / 090 64 17000 info@avova.ie

The Communitcations Regulator (ComReg) has announced that it will be phasing out non-geographic numbers starting with 1850, 1890 and 076 the end of this year. (See ComReg announcement here).

As a result all 1850, 1890 and 076 numbers will cease to function in January 2022. Businesses are advised to look at moving over to either the 0818 prefix or the freephone 1800 prefix.

It’s important that business act now by getting a new number in place and updating any websites, social media accounts and marketing material.

Feel free to contact us If you need any advice or assistance in getting a 0818 or 1800 number for your phone system or service.

We have already taken action by moving over to 0818 811 811. Our 090 64 17000 will also remain active past the 1st January 2022 as it is unaffected.

For more information on our phone systems and Voice Over IP (VoIP) service please see https://www.avova.ie/solutions/phone-systems/ or contact us on 0818 811 811 today.