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With all the changes businesses are facing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Contact Logging and Contact Tracing are all hot topics and something that businesses are being advised of regarding re-opening and health and safety.

We created a secure Contact Logging application for ourselves and it worked so well that we decided to share it with everyone.

Introducing ContactLog.ie a secure and easy to use Contact Logging service for your business. ContactLog.ie allows your employees to quickly log any contact they have with customers from their computers or mobile devices. You can then instantly report on this throughout your organisation in real time.

Built with Security & Data Privacy in mind, ContactLog.ie securely transmits and stores all your data.

Your data is your own and only accessible to you. You can export and download your data at any time and then permanently delete it from ContactLog.ie from within the manager dashboard.

Your data is not shared with any third party, data analytics company or Government service. ContactLog.ie provides you with the ability to log and report on employee contact should the need arise.

Employees can only access their own individual data, while Managers can review & report on contact activity organisation wide.

Managers can review & report on contact activity across the organisation, while employees have access to their data only.

See ContactLog.ie for more information. Did we mention that’s it’s FREE for up to two users.

We can also customise ContactLog.ie to suit any specific workflow or additional requirements. Just get in contact if you’ve any questions.

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